Future connect

Ringless Voicemail drops (Hot Prospector) o The ability to leave a message on the prospects voicemail without phone ringing. • 0 interaction VM o Have a sales rep leave a pre recorded message on a prospects voicemail without any interaction • API Access (Hot Prospector) o Have dialer communicate with a third party CRM to enter lead information when a programed call result is selected • Text Messaging (Text Engine) o When a prospect doesn’t answer send an SMS to prospects cell phone with call back information. • Text-To-Win (Texting Engine) o Send a “promo code” to a client to prompt a call back. • Multiple user/lead queues (xencall) o User queues:  Openers – First contact  Closers – After audio presentation  Verification – After order is submitted  Customer Service – After order is verified o Lead Queues:  General – general lead pool where calls will be placed by openers  Qualified Leads – After audio presentation  Inbound queue – When a prospect calls on of our DIDs back this will ring to an available openers station. • Floor map (xencall) o Allows for real time display of agents and the ability to set their status. • Listen, Whisper, and Barge (xencall) o Listen – Monitor a sales call o Whisper – Talk and only sales rep can hear o Barge – Take over call • Reports (Xencall) o Call log summary o Agent summary • Merchant gateway integration (xencall) o Ability to integrate auth.net and NMI merchant processing gateway to allow sales reps to charge prospects credit card. • Call flow: o General leads>Transer to audio queue>Qualified Leads

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