How important is sports profile to schools, colleges, and universities?

Sports can increase an academic institutes profile and reputation to unprecedented heights

Since 2009, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team has won five NCAA National Championships. Under the guidance of coach Nick Saban, the team has been a juggernaut in the college game. Alabama’s dominance on the gridiron has led to the university’s prestige and name becoming far greater than it was before. Thanks to the university’s sports profile, it has attracted more students, more fans, and more money than ever imaginable. In 2016, Alabama’s football team generated $103.9 million dollars, according to Business Insider.

Schools, colleges, and universities who can raise their sports profile can find an untapped fortune. But how do these academic institutes improve their existing sports profile?

To uncover new opportunities, academic institutes must have sports event management tools, team management tools, and a pool of playing talent. Flarin offers schools, colleges, and universities these key items.

Flarin’s program will help academic institutes find the most suitable talent and connect coaches with players. The website’s program will enable relationship building with individuals that can help improve the sports profile of an academic institute. Flairn provides a symbiotic relationship in which schools and athletes both prosper.

Flarin’s unique program offers the following key features:

  • Searching and identifying trending sports insights and topics,
  • Access to target markets,
  • Effective ways to reach out to players, mentors, coaches, and facility owners,
  • Improving brand awareness,
  • Help in increasing school’s or college’s name and reputation,
  • Improving recruiting results and on-field performance,
  • Turning athlete’s success into school’s or college’s success,
  • Ease in conducting sports events for administration,
  • User feedback on coaches and management that can improve the hiring process, and
  • Helps students find scholarships and sponsorship details.


“Flarin will give schools, universities, and athletes power they never had before,” Mohammed Sayeeduddin, Flarin Director and President, said. “The program can match up talented athletes with sports programs that are looking to increase their reputation. An increased sports profile will improve the academic institute’s financial outlook. It will also enable athletes to take the next step in their careers.”


Colleges and universities won’t have to dream of being like Alabama or similar successful schools. Through the power of Flarin and its ability to connect users, academic institutes will grow their sports profiles to new levels.


Flairin’s creators, MB Tech Solutions, is looking for crowdfunding to further develop the platform. The company aims to add even more dynamic elements to the platform once funding is secured. Flairin will bring together a number of sports services under one roof to make life easier for athletes, coaches, and tournament organisers. Creators MB Tech Solutions aim to develop the platform further to give users the best experience possible.


For more information on Flairin and its services, please visit https://flairin.com




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