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Personalized approach for professional results
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Flexi-Staffing solutions with us
Temporary Staffing
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Staffing through competency model
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MBTech Solutions excels in providing optimized ERP solutions. Covering Oracle, Peoplesoft and SAP, we provide staffing solutions,consultancy and training. Serving globally since a couple of years, many domestic as well as overseas enterprise users have been our customers. Having profound experience, we have recently expanded our work and are now operating in four  countries. We have been successful in building a key image in the minds of customers and in providing customized solutions to every level of business. From big sized organizations, to medium sized firms, we have served every niche of Information Technology and have produced successful outcomes so far.

Adhering to the philosophy of customer satisfaction, we work as a team with our professional and well-trained connoisseurs. Thus, the juxtaposition of experience, intelligence and creativity are the secrets behind our success. Our core dictum is to provide the best cost-effective solutions. Due to this reason, we are able to hear commendable remarks for our service. Since our inception, we are focusing on high-quality service and that is why even multi-national companies are willing to join hands with us.With each passing day, we are bringing innovations in our work methodology and have introduced some phenomenal training courses at corporate level. Not only is this, but our staffing and consultancy lines are designed with respect to latest developments and. Thus, our ultimate aim is to let you excel in IT so that you can stand apart in the industry and we grow together.

Areas of expertise


Flexi-Staffing solution

In today’s era, running smooth business activities require specialization at every step. Whether it is a financial decision, a staffing query or a technical requirement, one can only focus on the core competencies, by implementing professionalism at all levels. At times, staffing becomes a headache for business owners, but at the same time, business cannot achieve its goals without the human resource. Thus, there is a need to take help from a professional staffing company.

Keeping this in mind, Mbtechnosolutions flexi-staffing services are designed to fit your business needs. From temporary to mid- term staff, we assist in bringing the best workforce for your organization.

Temporary Staffing:

If you deal in customized contracts with your clients and need some temporary staff to manage the workload, we are here to serve you. Hiring people for a short-term contract of 2-3 months will no more be difficult for you…more


A well-trained and professional workforce is an asset for every organization. In order to polish the skills of your human resource, making them aware of your working methodology and letting them use your network requires “training”.  On the other hand, competition is at its peak and if you are wondering how to beat your competitor, well-trained staff can be a source for it. Your hefty investment, hard work and consistent efforts will be of no use, if you do not incorporate polished workforce in your organization. Since they are the building blocks for a firm, one cannot deny the importance of their training needs.

From a broader perspective, training is a long-term process and demands three things from an organization:

  •           Time
  •           Expenditure
  •           Efforts

Managing all these things is quiet difficult when an organization has huge workload. In this scenario, any of the firm cannot compromise on its core competencies because customer satisfaction is directly related to it. However, there is one option of outsourcing training. Yes, here comes mbtechsolutions for you.

We are the pioneers among customized training providers. Since a couple of years, we are enjoying market leadership and customer satisfaction. Our dynamic solutions and top-notch service will benefit you in the following ways:

–          You will save huge training expenditure that can be used in providing add-on services.

–          You will easily manage time to keep your consistent focus on your core competencies.  more…

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